Who I am?


I am Belén Dávila, model and actress, In this moment I'm working in advertising and creative art assigments. If you have a project that needs a modern, fresh, natural and dynamic image, I am the person you are looking for. My job is to pose and act to show your most attractive and eye-catching product. My purpose is to transmit your message and image in a creative, elegant and dynamic way.


Dynamic, cheerful, perfectionist, creative and funny. I think this are the adjectives that better define myself. I like to express emotions and attitudes, feelings or lifestyles. Adapt each idea to the emotion or attitude that aims to show the something that I love. Feel each character you do and act as he would, is something so stimulating for me.


Being a model and an actress, allows me to develop my creativity, and see myself different every day. Although it also implies sacrifice, a lot of work, doing sports every day, resting the necessary hours and a healthy diet to have the best possible image.


My profesion allows me to surround myself and meet people who come from different areas such as advertising, fashion, photography, etc., All of them contribute different and valuable things and together we work to achieve the best results.


I studied administration, although suddenly I discovered  what really motivated me and made me happy was to act and pose. One summer day, while I was drinking a mojito and dancing with some friends in a beach bar, a photographer proposed me to make a photo session and that's how it all started, that session took me to the next one and successively until I realized that the photography and the modeling made me happy and I was going to dedicate myself to it.


I have been fortunate to work with many prestigious photographers with whom I have established a good relationship. I have also got to work for brands, through campaigns, catalogs or advertising their products in my profiles on social networks. I have been lucky enough to work for magazines creating and posing in editorials and I have got to parade for several brands of clothing and wedding dresses.


My experience covers several areas such as photographs, videos, clips, advertisements, short films, catwalk and interpretation. I am currently associated with two agencies in Barcelona, ​​although I also work as an independent model. I do all kinds of projects ensuring that each one is unique and special. I think that when you give your best and feel passion for what you do, you get the best result and I try to apply it in all aspects of my life and my profession.


I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to work with such good professionals and have overcome the challenges. From now on I'll continue to improve day by day as a model and I'll try to improve my skills, always looking for new projects to apply all the knowledge and experience gained so far.


Now that you know more about me, I would like to show you my work